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Startup Scout 13 Dec 2022

Biomemory is making DNA hard drives cheap and sustainable

Biomemory raises €5M to advance DNA digital data storage solution

Startup Cradle raises $5.4M to design protein machines and cell factories with AI

In Depth 17 Oct 2022

UK grants that can give biotech startups a vital jump-start

Lesaffre acquires genome editing company Recombia Biosciences

Anti-cancer drug created from reprogrammed yeast


Researchers invited to apply for DNA synthesized by Evonetix’s platform

In Depth 11 Aug 2022

Biosecurity is synthetic biology’s most crucial ally

eureKARE launches synthetic biology studio network

Antheia gets funding to build biomanufacturing plant

Ribbon Biolabs Pushes DNA Synthesis Length Limits with €18M Series A

5 Easy DIY Biology Experiments You Can Do at Home