10 Holiday Gifts for the Biotechnologist in Your Life

Socks and sweaters are great gifts for Christmas, but sometimes, a bit of biotech love goes a long way. Here’s a list of cool holiday gifts to get for your biotech friends and family.

Whether it’s a personal microscope, a poster of a bacteriophage virus, or a board game to fight it out with colleagues, you have this holiday sorted.

Wholesome lab-themed mug

This is one for those lab workers who have worn down their thumbs on a pipette for many hours. Show them that you appreciate them; give them this mug. Complete with the statement “Generating important negative data on a daily basis”, this should get them laughing (or crying) for years to come.


zazzle rockstar pipetter xmas gift

Augmented reality T-shirts showing off your organs

If you have ever wondered what kind of person your friend or loved one is on the inside, this T-shirt is a good solution. When you download a free app from the company Curiscope, and view the T-shirt through the phone’s camera, you can see your mate’s internal organs working away on the screen. Great for parties.

virtualitee xmas gift biotech

DNA double helix mood light

Here’s something to lighten the mood during the inevitable family row at the dinner table. This cool DNA-themed lamp is adjustable by color and modes including strobe or smooth color changes. It even has a nifty remote control so you don’t need to leave the couch.

DNA mood lamp xmas gifts biotech CatDesignz combo

Poster of a bacteria-eating virus

Christmas is a time to eat and drink and make merry. Not only for humans either. With this poster, you can remind that special someone about another organism wanting its Christmas dinner this season: the bacteriophage virus.

PrintsFinds xmas gift bacteriophage combo

DIY origami kit for cells and organelles

These holiday gifts are neat ways to teach cell biology on a rainy holiday. Let the recipient harness their inner creativity to fashion alveoli, apoptosis and chloroplasts out of paper. No origami skills are needed, insists the vendor, as the kit comes with an appropriate PowerPoint presentation to get you started.

origami organelles cell membrane xmas gifts combo

Left: cell membrane. Right: antibody

Lab beaker shot glasses

These novelty shot glasses let those hard-working lab addicts take their work to the Christmas party. Very thoughtfully, the makers have individualized each glass to prevent confusion regarding whose is whose, something very common in the pub and lab setting.

xmas gifts lab beaker

MRSA cuddly toy

This company’s products appear in many lists of science holiday gifts because it makes ugly and terrifying villains like MRSA (one of the bacterial strains gaining resistance to antibiotics) into cute and cuddly cartoon characters. Use this holiday gift to increase awareness of this big challenge in the world of healthcare.

xmas gift giant microbes mrsa

USB Microscope

Here’s one for that insatiably curious friend you have. This microscope comes with its own LED lighting and up to 1,000 times magnification. With little effort, you can use it to take pictures or videos of the small things in life, and see the results on Windows and Mac computers, or Android smartphones.

xmas gift biotech microscope

Eco-friendly genetics-themed notebook

This notebook’s impressive cover features DNA helices and nucleotide molecular structures, with lots more scientific cover art on the maker’s website. Give this to a friend who wants to show off at biotech conferences next year. In addition, the maker boasts that the paper is recycled, with eco-friendly ink to boot.

cognitive surplus notebook xmas gift biotech combo

Lab Wars board game

Publish or perish, this board game thrives on that fundamental principle of academic life in the lab. Each player has to get as much prestige as possible for their lab by carrying out experiments, whilst sabotaging that of other players. Order this game to question who you would trust with your career.

Lab Wars holiday gifts biotech

What do you recommend for holiday gifts?

Of course, this list is in no way exhaustive. There are many cool gift ideas out there. Let us know which ideas you recommend!

Images from Shutterstock, Zazzle, Curiscope, CatDesignz, Origami Organelles, Amazon, Giant Microbes, Cognitive Surplus, Lab Wars

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