Asieris doses first patient in bladder cancer diagnostic trial

bladder cancer

Asieris Pharmaceuticals has announced that Hexvix, a drug used for bladder cancer diagnosis, completed dosing for the first patient in its real-world clinical study at Hainan General Hospital Lecheng Branch.  

Hexvix has been approved in the U.S. and many European countries. The combined use of Hexvix and blue light cystoscopy (BLC) for the management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) has been included in the global expert consensus guidelines as well as the Chinese Urological Association Guideline.

In January 2021, Asieris Pharmaceuticals entered into a license agreement with Photocure ASA, a bladder cancer specialty company based in Oslo, Norway, and obtained the exclusive registration and commercialization rights of Hexvix in China and Taiwan.

“Thanks to the policies introduced by the Hainan Provincial Government and the Bo’ao Lecheng Pilot Zone of International Medical Tourism, we successfully completed dosing of Hexvix for the first patient in our real-world clinical study. By taking advantage of the beneficial policy associated with real-world studies in Hainan, we hope to accelerate the approval of the innovative product Hexvix in China to meet the growing medical needs of bladder cancer patients,” said Zhuang Chengfeng, chief operating officer of Asieris Pharmaceuticals. 

About Asieris

Asieris Pharmaceuticals, founded in March 2010, is a global biopharma company specializing in discovering, developing and commercializing innovative drugs for the treatment of genitourinary tumors and other related diseases. 

The company has been developing its proprietary R&D platform and core technologies, exploring new mechanisms of action, and screening and evaluating drug candidates. With an in-house R&D system and expertise in global drug development, Asieris said it is committed to launching first-in-class drugs and other innovative products to address huge unmet needs in its areas of focus.

Asieris is also enhancing its pipeline for genitourinary diseases via proprietary R&D and strategic partnerships

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