Beyond Biotech podcast 30: Advanced Therapies Congress, BioAlps, Bionter, C2i Genomics 

Beyond Biotech podcast 30

The guests on our podcast this week are: Jessica Robinson, project director, Advanced Therapies Congress, Terrapinn: Tobias Werk, CEO, Bionter; Asaf Zviran, CEO and co-founder of C2i Genomics; and Magali Bischof, secretary general of BioAlps.

We also have our weekly commentary from Travis McCready at global commercial real estate services company JLL.

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Bionter, a Swiss-based premier supplier of analytical testing solutions to support Pharma companies to bring drugs faster and safer onto the market. Their first product is a fully automated particle testing device for parenteral drug applications that is cost-efficient and compliant with current regulations. If you want to know more, go to

C2i Genomics Announce Successful Evaluation of Whole Genome-Based Residual Disease Test Across Multiple Solid Cancer models

C2i Genomics, a cancer intelligence company, recently announced an extension of a collaboration with AstraZeneca

The two companies have collaborated to evaluate the potential of whole-genome minimal residual disease (MRD) testing across solid cancers, with the goal of enhancing oncology treatment, supporting clinical trial recruitment, and monitoring. 

C2i genomics has completed AstraZeneca’s BeyondBio Innovation Hub’s program for Israeli start-ups. Using artificially generated samples to reproduce varying levels of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) expected to be found in tumors, this collaboration provided early evidence that the C2i assay can sensitively detect ctDNA (down to 0.002% allelic frequency). Building on this work, AstraZeneca will further evaluate and validate the C2i Genomics platform across a panel of patient-derived samples using their in-house sequencing capabilities and expertise.

The non-invasive detection of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) from plasma has been shown to have clinical value for the detection of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD), the emergence of resistance, and the prediction of treatment response. New MRD technologies aim to provide greater cancer detection sensitivity by expanding methods beyond small, personalized panels. 

C2i Genomics’ MRD technology applies whole-genome sequencing and artificial intelligence to a small blood sample to provide ultra-sensitive cancer detection. This technology aims to eliminate the need to develop a patient-specific assay, enabling high-performance, personalized monitoring and rapid turnaround across multiple solid cancers with reduced operational complexity.

Advanced Therapies Congress

The Advanced Therapies Congress is Europe’s largest cell and gene therapy conference and exhibition. 

Presented by Terrapinn, the event is for the leaders of the world’s ATMP developers and their most senior executives in charge of the latest tech and strategies driving the industry forward. 

The event takes place on March 14 and 15 at the ExCeL in London.


BioAlps is the life sciences cluster covering western Switzerland.

It comprises an ecosystem of research institutions, academic institutions, startup companies and large multinationals concentrated in a small geographic area.

Its aim is to promote western Switzerland as a world class centre for life sciences and to foster growth by creating synergies between academia, entrepreneurs, investors, authorities and new businesses. It offers networking and support opportunities through regional, national and international events, while promoting BioAlps on the global stage.

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