Centogene launches rare and neurodegenerative disease Biodata Network

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German company, Centogene N.V., today (November 4) announced its launch of Biodata Network, a portfolio of data-driven partnering solutions including licenses and insight report for biopharma and research institutions.

The company, which works to find data-driven answers in rare and neurodegenerative diseases, wants to offer increased access to its insights.

To do this, it has partnered with BC Platforms, a healthcare data management and analytics company, and will make use of their global data partner network BRCQUEST.com.

Centogene launch

Kim Stratton, chief executive officer at Centogene, said: “At Centogene, we are committed to delivering data-driven, life-changing answers to accelerate and de-risk drug discovery, development, and commercialization.

“By partnering with BC Platforms and launching our Biodata Network Portfolio, we are extending our strategy and expanding our commercialization opportunities to provide partners with yet another model to work with us. Ultimately, we want to heal the world of rare and neurodegenerative diseases, and we believe offering greater access to the Centogene Biodatabank will accelerate bringing potentially life-saving therapeutics to patients around the world.”

The company says this integrated healthcare data platform creates a connected, secure data source for enabling partners access to datasets for the acceleration and de-risking of target and drug discovery as well as optimizing clinical pipelines.

Rare and neurogenerative diseases

Centogene says the addition of their first datasets represents an estimated 20% increase in both the breadth and depth of genomic data currently available via BC Platforms. The dataset, it says, reflects a diverse geographic and ethnic sample base and includes a large share of pediatric cases in rare and neurodegenerative diseases, with data modalities including clinical, multiomic, and socio-demographic data.

This first dataset has been made available from the diverse Centogene Biodatabank, which currently contains nearly 700,000 patients from more than 120 countries, over 70% of whom are of non-European descent.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms, said, “Through our partnership with Centogene, one of the most experienced partners in the field, we are significantly advancing the way the medical community collaborates. With the diversity of our BCRQUEST.com global data network combined with Centogene’s Biodatabank, the medical community will now be able to tap into a rich source of insights on rare and neurodegenerative diseases to drive the healthcare of the future – benefitting patients globally.”

Biodata Network

Bettina Goerner, Centogene’s chief data officer said that 95% of rare diseases currently do not have an FDA-approved treatment.

She added: “We see BC Platforms as our ideal partner for the secure and scalable solutions needed for the launch of our Biodata Network, so we can significantly expand the abilities of our partners around the world to drive drug discovery. Because of the generous consent given by patients who have contributed their data for this research, global knowledge on rare and neurodegenerative diseases has increased significantly for the generation of new insights, which we hope will offer real solutions to patients around the world.”

Every year, Centogene processes thousands of genetic tests in the company’s laboratories, while ensuring relevant compliances.

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