CV6 Therapeutics raises $9.2M to test cancer drug

cancer clinical trial

CV6 Therapeutics has secured $9.2m to progress its lead oncology asset, CV6-168, into a first-in-human phase 1a clinical trial and perform further scientific development work. 

CV6 Therapeutics is a drug development biotechnology company specializing in innovative small molecule therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Investors participating in the financing include QUBIS, the commercialization arm of Queen’s University in Belfast, Invest Northern Ireland, CoFund NI, managed by Clarendon Fund Managers, Techstart Ventures as well as US and UK-based private investors. 

CV6 Therapeutics has also received a grant for R&D from Invest Northern Ireland to support the phase 1a trial.


CV6 Therapeutics is developing CV6-168, a novel, first-in-class DNA uracilation agent that selectively targets the enzyme dUTPase. Cancer cell DNA uracilation by CV6-168 is aided by combination with standard cancer therapies such as thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitors and results in uracil-based DNA damage and cell death while simultaneously stimulating the immune system to further enhance the anticancer effect. 

DNA uracilation is a novel therapeutic strategy that has demonstrated effectiveness and safety in pre-clinical models with no added toxicity with drug combinations. CV6-168 is set to enter a phase 1a clinical trial in 2023 that will focus on safety, measuring how the drug is absorbed by the body, identifying optimal dosing levels and gathering initial indications of anti-cancer activity.

CV6 CEO and founder Robert Ladner said: “CV6-168 unlocks the potential of DNA uracilation as a promising new therapeutic approach to cancer treatment, with the opportunity to significantly improve outcomes for patients across multiple cancer types.  Securing this financing and a grant for R&D from Invest Northern Ireland will allow us to advance CV6-168 into a first-in-human phase 1a clinical trial, representing a key milestone for CV6.”

CV6 Therapeutics is headquartered in the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research at Queen’s University Belfast.

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