CRISPR/CAS9 strategic alliance between Sigma-Aldrich and genOway expanded

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Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC, along with genOway, a preclinical research model space company, announced today (September 8) they have a new structure to their 2018 strategic alliance in the CRISPR/Cas9 field.

In 2018, science and technology company Merck, of which Sigma-Aldrich is a subsidiary, announced a strategic alliance in the CRISPR/Cas9 rodent model market with France-based biotechnology company genOway. 

Sigma-Aldrich CRISPR patent portfolio

genOway will continue leading the commercialization of the Sigma-Aldrich CRISPR patent portfolio in the field of rodent animals.

This includes the creation of genetically modified rodent animals and all rodent cells derived from these genetically modified rodent animals.

It also includes the genetic manipulation of rodent embryonic stem cells and rodent embryos to create genetically modified rodent animals.

genOway has worldwide exclusivity in that area, which covers all commercial applications and includes the rights to sublicense to third parties for all business areas.

Mammalian cells

Sigma-Aldrich will lead the commercialization of the Sigma-Aldrich CRISPR patent portfolio, including products and services, outside the field of rodent animals and in particular in the field of mammalian cells, including the sublicensing of rights to third parties for all business areas.

genOway has however also been granted extended non-exclusive rights complementary to those in the field of rodent animals so it can offer products and services for research applications on all mammalian cells, including rodent cells. For example, clients can perform research studies, sell preclinical services or distribute products using the products or services.

Both companies will work together to offer “one-stop shop” CRISPR sublicensing solutions, providing Sigma-Aldrich CRISPR IP rights for both mammalian cells and the rodent animal field.

Sigma-Aldrich genome editing research tools

Christopher Arnot, one of Sigma’s directors, said: “CRISPR technology is a core competency for Sigma-Aldrich, which has 17 years’ experience with providing genome editing research tools, spanning discovery to manufacturing.

“Together with genOway, Sigma-Aldrich desires to make available the best research models to pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as academic laboratories, to best accelerate their research, shorten drug development timelines to enable such researchers to develop solutions for previously untreatable diseases in faster and more targeted ways.

“We will continue to play an active role, responsibly and ethically, in ensuring that scientists have access to the Sigma’s CRISPR technologies. This improved collaboration will ease the access to Sigma’s CRISPR technologies and increase the value created by our licensing relationships.”

Design, development and commercialization

genOway is a biotech company whose goal is to accelerate innovation in medical research by providing researchers and industry with the best research tools. The company specializes in the design, development and commercialization of genetically modified preclinical models, mice, rats and cell lines.

Alexandre Fraichard, CEO of genOway, said: “Sigma’s CRISPR technologies are essential tools for the development of highly valuable preclinical models, and the Sigma IP portfolio has become central to CRISPR/Cas9-based eukaryotic genome-editing applications.

“This improved alliance should enable genOway and Sigma to better serve their clients and consequently strongly support innovation in the preclinical field.” 

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