Has Gender Diversity in Biotech changed? “No”, says Managing partner of Sofinnova #BIOEurope

rafaele tordjman sofinnova

In our second interview of BIO-Europe, we talked about gender diversity with Rafaèle Tordjman, one of the managing partners of Sofinnova Partners, a top Biotech VC in Europe. She has been very active in making biotech more open to women, and I wanted to know more about her analysis of the situation.

I had met with most of the partners at Sofinnova but not yet with Tordjman. The interview started at 9am this morning and she was already really pumped up, “speedy Gonzales,” as she called herself. A great dose of energy to start the second day of BIO-Europe.

Tordjman is sitting on a diversity “workshop” panel today with Michael Rice, the founding partner of LifeSci Advisors, the company that induced the JPMorgan scandal.

Tordjman is not only Managing Partner at Sofinnova; she also founded the W.I.T.H organization, which connects over 500 women innovation in healthcare around the globe. I discussed with her the motivations and the vision for the longer term.

And finally, I was just curious to hear if something changed 11 months after the scandal and the hundreds of discussion. “No,” was the unambiguous answer she gave me.

Here is the full video interview:


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