Interview: This Biotech Could Have the First HIV Cure on the Market

September 29, 2016 - 1 minute

InnaVirVax is one of the most advanced companies in the race to develop an HIV cure. At the SACHS Conference in Basel, we had the opportunity to pick the brain of the CEO, Joël Crouzet, about his company’s progress.

Last week, we reviewed progress in biotech towards an HIV cure, which could hit the market as soon as 2020. InnaVirVax was one of the companies that piqued our interest as a leader in the field, so we were super excited to talk to the CEO, Joël Crouzet, at SACHS Basel.

InnaVirVax is attempting to leverage T cells to develop a functional HIV cure. The company’s lead candidate, VAC-3S, is administered through the company’s vaccine platform, which generates human polyclonal antibodies against 3S, a subunit of the HIV. With the aid of 3S, the virus binds to a certain type of CD4+ T cells and makes them initiate apoptosis.

Joël told us more about the therapy and the company! Check the interview here:

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