Netherlands Cancer Institute to use Proscia platform

Netherlands Cancer Institute. Photo/NKI
Netherlands Cancer Institute

Proscia, a provider of digital and computational pathology solutions, has announced that the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), one of the top 10 comprehensive cancer centers in Europe, will deploy its Concentriq Dx platform. 

NKI is transitioning to Proscia’s Concentriq Dx to expand its digital pathology practice, so its pathologists can deliver personalized diagnoses that better inform treatment decisions. In doing so, the cancer center will generate additional pathology data that can lead to clinical breakthroughs.

Digital pathology, which shifts the 150-year-old standard of care from microscope to a whole slide image, is increasingly powering routine diagnosis as expectations for precision medicine intensify the impact of the pathologist shortage and rising cancer burden. An early adopter, NKI recognized that scaling its digital operations to further deliver on its commitment to excellent patient care would require moving away from its legacy software system. It selected Concentriq Dx to serve as the modern platform at the center of its growing oncology practice.

Proscia’s Concentriq Dx is a singular, secure digital pathology platform that drives primary diagnostic and other routine workflows across the connected laboratory. NKI will draw on the platform’s world-class interoperability to unify images from disparate scanners, bringing more pathology data into its practice. With live and asynchronous collaboration and remote image viewing, Concentriq Dx helps pathologists to broaden access to specialists in an effort to provide higher quality diagnoses. The platform also offers interoperability with third-party image analysis applications, allowing NKI to identify clinically impactful patterns, and is designed for realizing the promise of pathology’s computational future.

“Concentriq Dx will empower us to chart our path towards full digitization,” said José van den Berg, Head of the Department of Pathology at NKI. “The modern, enterprise-grade platform will enable us to increasingly combine expertise and insight to drive precision diagnosis. Our multidisciplinary teams work to provide personalized treatment for all patients, and our pathology data plays an integral role in achieving this aim.”

Pathology data factors heavily into biomedical research that leads to new therapies and other breakthroughs that advance precision medicine and improve patient care.

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