Video: How is European Biotech changing the World?

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We had the amazing opportunity to hear an overview of biotech in Europe at Labiotech Refresh from Philippe Pouletty, co-founder and managing director of Truffle Capital.

Philippe has an incredibly extensive experience in biotech as a founder of multiple companies and VCs. He witnessed how biotech got big over the years with the first innovations coming from the UK and the US. Now, other countries are taking the lead: France is probably the best country right now to start a biotech company”.

Philippe highlighted that “Europe is good at starting companies, but not at making them world leaders“. Fast-growing tech companies, including biotech, are the fuel of economic growth: “Biotech is open to anyone that has anything interesting to say“. He reckons that Europe will have to contend in the next 20-30 years with China, which is emerging as the next big player.

Philippe boldly stated that CAR-T and CRISPR are already in the past; the future will bring great innovations in the next 10-20 years that no one can predict at the moment. He also remarked that to bring the next big innovations to fruition, strong IP is one of the most important assets a company can have.

Check out our video to get the whole picture of how biotech is evolving and what exciting innovations the future will bring!

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