Sanofi sells two portfolios of established products to Neuraxpharma

July 13, 2022 - 2 minutes

Two drugs portfolios with products to treat the central nervous system, pain and vascular disease have been bought by pharmaceutical company, Neuraxpharm Group.  

The company bought the portfolios from French healthcare company, Sanofi.

Jörg-Thomas Dierks, CEO of Neuraxpharm, said: “There is significant growth potential in the pharmaceutical sector, especially in the CNS market driven by an ageing population and an increasing awareness of mental health. This phenomenon is a global trend.

“With the upcoming acquisition, we will not only strengthen our presence in Europe, but also lay the ground for further expanding our international presence.”

Product portfolios

The company says the two product portfolios with well-established products for CNS disorders, pain and vascular diseases from Sanofi will strengthen its position in the CNS field in more than 50 countries.

The first portfolio combines 15 products addressing CNS disorders and ranging across psychiatry and neurology. The second portfolio includes two products in pain and vascular diseases. Following the acquisition of these new portfolios, Neuraxpharm’s annual gross sales will be around €0.6 billion.

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Spectrum of diseases

The products are targeted for patients across a large spectrum of diseases including depression, anxiety, psychosis, alcohol dependence, myasthenia gravis and Parkinson disease.

The CNS portfolio notably includes Nozinan, Tranxene, Tiapridal, Dogmatil, Largactil. The pain and vascular portfolio includes Topalgic and Trental.

Combined, both portfolios include 17 molecules representing 38 brands. The company says the global brands will further solidify Neuraxpharm’s position as a leading CNS pharmaceutical company in Europe and hopes it will increase the company’s global footprint and business.

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