Celyad’s Autologous CAR-T Therapy enters Phase Ib

21/11/2016 - 2 minutes

Celyad has received approval to start Phase Ib trials in Belgium with its autologous CAR-T therapy, which can target 80% of tumors.

After a successful Phase I in leukemia and myeloma, Celyad is ready to start a Phase Ib trial for its autologous NKR-2 in 7 cancer indications, now including solid tumors. The new trial, aimed to examine different dosing and treatment periods, has received approval in Belgium and is waiting for FDA clearance to expand to the US as well.

The promises of CAR-T therapy have generated hype in the immuno-oncology field. However, therapies in the clinical stage are facing challenges regarding toxicity and relapse. Celyad is trying to overcome them with a unique technology to express Natural Killer Receptors (NKR) on T cells. The advantage is that they can bind to 8 cancer ligands that not only target cells but also the tumor microenvironment. With this strategy, the company can target 80% of tumors with a single therapy.

Celyad allogeneic platform

In addition,

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