Taking Cell Therapy one Step Further with this Boost Reagent

12/04/2017 - 4 minutes

Cell therapy is revolutionizing medicine, here’s how the latest technology can help overcome the major challenges stopping it from taking over the market. 

Offering unprecedented possibilities to treat some of the most challenging diseases, cell therapy is stealing the show in the biotech space. Strimvelis, the first hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy is already treating rare genetic diseases. In less than a year, CAR-T therapy is expected to hit the market and revolutionize the treatment of cancer. And in the not-so-far future, cell therapy could even eradicate HIV or put an end to diabetes, which is reaching epidemic proportions in Western countries.

The first cell therapies have already been on the market for a few years, and analysts are confident that the numbers will quickly grow over the years. The stem cell therapy market alone is expected to hit €57Bn ($61Bn) by 2022, and the upcoming CAR-T technology will reach an impressive €8Bn ($8.5Bn) in the next decade.

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