Biotech Money Insider – A Year of Investments in Europe

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Did you ever dream of having access to all the recent investments in the European Biotech space? Well, I did! That’s why we created Biotech Money Insider, the first book by

Since we launched our website, back in 2014, we gathered data on over 1000 active biotech companies in Europe. This year, we decided to collect our private and public investment data in a book. This book has been in our mind for a while now and today, it’s available to you.

Biotech Money Insider is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE source of information on biotech investments in Europe!

Inside, you will find:

  • 162 private and public investments
  • 139 fast-growing Biotech companies
  • 215 influential investors

Interested to learn more? Don’t wait, our hard copies are limited!


Still here? Here’s what Biotech Money Insider can do for you:

  • Find new investors for your fundraising
  • Identify new clients to grow your business
  • Find a job in a fast-growing company
  • Study your competitors to stay ahead
  • Find new partners for your company

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering free bonuses with every order of Biotech Money Insider. Get yours now!

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