Update: Deinove is About to Launch a Bacterial Anti-Aging Skincare Product

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Update (27/2/2018): Deinove produced the first industrial batch of its carotenoid product and plans to launch the cosmetic skincare treatment at the In-Cosmetics tradeshow in Amsterdam this coming April. The news resulted in a soaring 57% increase of Deinove’s stock price.

Originally published on 19/12/2017

Deinove has set the wheels in motion as it looks to bring its bacterial anti-aging skincare product to the market in 2018.

Deinove, based in Montpellier, France, develops products from rare bacteria, notably the Deinococcus genus. Following the announcement that it will launch its first skincare product onto the market in 2018, Deinove has kicked off the industrial production of its carotenoid ingredient using its optimized fermentation platform. This will be followed by the extraction, purification, and formulation.

The aim is to produce several batches in early 2018 that can undergo validation and sampling before commercialization begins later on in the year. This will put Deinove in a strong position to enter the anti-aging skincare market, which accounts for half of the total skin care market, and is set to be worth $135B (€115B) by 2021.

Carotenoids have many potential health benefits due to their antioxidant activity. They have potential to be used in a number of areas, including cosmetics, which is where Deinove is targeting its product. The compound has been tested extensively in vitro, so the next step is to begin in vivo studies. Deinove is joined by SkinBioTherapeutics in the skincare field, which has taken its technology for the prevention of infections and eczema and decided to use it to fight aging.

Image – Dmitry A / shutterstock.com

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