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Tomato DNA Could Help Uncover Counterfeit Breast Implants

German Private Equity Firm Raises €90M for Life Sciences and Medtech

A Biodegradable Plaster Could Help us Treat Mouth Ulcers

A Chip Could Help Us Identify Wheeze-Causing Types of Viruses

British Company Gets a $100M Boost to Develop a Surgical Robotic Arm


Top Medical Devices Bringing Innovation to Europe in 2018

More News! 17 May 2018

The First In-Human Trial of an Eye Implant Helps Patients With Glaucoma

More News! 12 Apr 2018

Graphene Skin Patch Measures Blood Sugar Without a Needle

Dutch Organs-on-Chips Raises $20.5M in Series B Financing

This Swedish Discovery Could Change the Way We Treat Diabetes

FDA Says Dutch Surgical Sealant Patch Could Save Lives