Only One Woman for Ten Men in 2014 Biotech Boards

Women in science boardroom

The average board of directors in the biotech world is roughly 90% male, and more than half of all industry boardrooms host no women. Recent report from Lifestream release these striking numbers that illustrate a sector that struggles with diversity.

Nearly 1,150 life sciences companies in the U.S. and EU, finding that biotech’s boardrooms tend toward Y chromosomes. Among drug developers with fewer than 1,000 workers, women held just 10% of available board seats, and fewer than 4% had female chairs.

Of 530 biopharma leaders surveyed, roughly the same proportion of men and women said getting on a board was a personal goal. But must of males said they’d been contacted about such positions in the past two years compared with just 16% of their female counterparts, a difference that meets the threshold for statistical significance.


Althought, there are still top women in Biotech who are on boards. FierceBiotech publish every year its top women Biotech report, which you can see through this link :

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