Paris is Europe’s biggest Biocluster, but nobody knows it …

19/08/2015 - 5 minutes

Paris is well-known for being the most beautiful city in the world. But did you also know that it concentrates most of the French Biotech industry and is Europe’s biggest biocluster? If not, why didn’t you know?

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and so many other monuments makes Paris outstanding and unique. But Paris is also Europe’s second biggest metropole with over 13M people, following the 18M of London. It’s the center of the French economy, politic, education and research, the country being very concentrated. Paris has excellent research (50% of the French research), is the biggest European city for Pharma (Sanofi, Servier, Ipsen etc.) and counts very strong political support (some people even describe France as a fiscal paradise for tech/biotech companies because you get high-amount of state money to fund your company and pay nearly no taxes).

I looked up at the stats about Biotech companies in different regions but I rapidly gave up after seeing the mess. Nobody has the same definition of biotech or the same criteria,

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