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The values and the culture of a startup are one of the keys to success. We recently updated our values to match our recent growth!

As we believe that a company culture comes from its people, we asked the team members to fill anonymously what means for them, what it doesn’t mean, what they like and dislike. We grouped all the answers and reduced them to 8 core values we all share. Here they are:


It all starts with the vision of building the new generation of biotech media. We all thrive on doing something that has never been done before. The goal is to change how the biotech community is informed, to foster more collaboration, proximity, knowledge, and ultimately leading to better drug and industrial biotech developments, not to mention energizing people to join the industry!


We are all excited by what biotech has to offer and we are eager to share it with you every day. And not only our journalists, the whole team truly loves biotech and you can feel it (I hope) in any interaction you have with them.


As we are trying to build something new, by nature, it’s very difficult. But we have to face the challenges and overcome them. There’s nothing worse than being stuck because of the fear of trying. Just do it and see if it works out!


We’re an open company, both internally and externally. The team members can access most of the information, from strategy, planning, customers, revenues, expenses, and fundraising. And we are open and transparent with our readers sharing how we raised money, what we have done the first two years, what our metrics are, and well, what our values are.


A committed team cares about being responsible, reliable and all the little details that make a huge difference at the end of the day. Everyone on the team has shown commitment to join us: one quit a Ph.D., another left a well-paid job and some survived unpaid for 15 months.


We have to innovate every day on the way we provide information, advertise for our customers or organize events. Creativity is a key to the success. But creativity alone is not enough: good execution matters just as much. We are all focusing on getting things done, which allows us to achieve big goals and dreams.


We want everyone inside the team to grow with the company, both personally and professionally. Startups have the unique capacity of making its employees grow fast with more responsibility, new tasks, and exciting experiences. We are all attracted to this unique opportunity.


We hate unnecessary formalities and office politics, it adds complexity without any benefits. We apply that internally as well as externally: come as you are. We translate this principle to the way we write, communicate with readers/customers, organize our events and basically everything we do.

10_enjoy your time

Probably the most important value of all: you should find enjoyment and satisfaction in your work. You have no time to waste living someone else lives, living where you don’t want to be or doing a job you’re not enjoying. It’s depressing to see how many people get used to a job they dislike. “Don’t settle,” as Steve Jobs famously said.

This set of values is unique to and we believe it characterizes us very well. Plus, these values all work together and are dependent from each other. Having fun at work is only possible by being responsible while getting things done helps you grow. And most importantly, all the values are actionable. We can refer to them while we are writing an article, hiring new team members, are in meetings, on a call with customers, at an event or drinking beers together.

For all these good reasons, they are now printed in every room of our office 😉

What do you think? What are the values of your startup/company? We would love to hear from you in the comments below or per email

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