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In Depth 11 Mar 2019

The Three Steps Needed to Fully Automate the Artificial Pancreas

Italian Biotech Raises Big Series A for ‘Gene Therapy 2.0’

Invisible Eye Glucose Monitor Accurately Measures Sugar Levels

Algorithm Proves Better Than Humans at Controlling Blood Sugar in Type 1 Diabetes

Cambridge Biotech Targets Artificial Pancreas Market With Fast Insulin and Stable Glucagon


Update: Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Device Moves Forward With Series B Funding

Insulin Combo Reduces After-Meal Sugar Spikes in Type 1 Diabetics

Novo Nordisk Buys British ‘Smart’ Insulin Diabetes Biotech in deal worth €702M

Swedish Biotech Partners With Novo Nordisk to Advance Stem Cell Therapies for Diabetes

French Double-Hormone Diabetes Treatment to be Tested in Humans for the First Time

More News! 12 Apr 2018

Graphene Skin Patch Measures Blood Sugar Without a Needle