These are our 10 Most Read Biotech Articles of 2016

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From the hottest research areas to the most popular city for biotech, which biotech articles have managed to hook our readers the most this year? 

After an exciting journey of 2 years, is now the leading biotech media in Europe, with over 50k monthly readers. To celebrate the end of another amazing year, we wanted to look back on what’s happened this year in biotech and decided to bring you a list of our reader’s favorite stories.

1. Needle-free Glucose Monitoring

This article has been by far the favorite this year, which is not surprising given that diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions. Following up with this topic, we recently reviewed what’s going on in the field and interviewed the co-founder of the company developing GlucoWise, the most awaited needle-free diabetes device.

2. HIV Cure: nearing the finish line?

Our runner-up article is a thorough review of the most recent advances towards an HIV cure. Biotech is leading the race towards developing solutions for a disease that affects 37 million people worldwide. Among the companies working in this space, Abivax, Genmab and Gilead seem to be the ones our readers are more interested in.

3. CRISPR, the ‘Scientific Discovery of the Century’

Everyone was clearly surprised to hear that CRISPR didn’t win a Nobel, again. This molecular tool promises to make gene editing easier and cheaper, but there’s currently a heated patent battle over who owns the technology’s IP and the lack of clinical results has led to investor gambling.

4. The Hottest European Biotechs this year

10 Hot European Biotechs to watch in 2016

As we predicted, the companies in this list have delivered excellent results during the year: Immunocore is not only leading the immuno-oncology field but is also preparing to use its TCR technology to cure HIV. Enterome partnered up with BMS to use the microbiome for immuno-oncology, Genfit is positioning itself in the forefront of NASH treatments, and CureVac is gathering a pile of money for its mRNA therapy.

5. Autoimmune diseases

Let’s Take a Closer Look at 7 Autoimmune Diseases Biotechs are Fighting to Treat

Autoimmune diseases, a consequence of the immune system attacking its own body, are attracting plenty of attention in biotech since there’s still a significant lack of detailed understanding of their mechanisms. We decided to list some of the less known but still hugely relevant autoimmune disorders that biotech is aiming to treat.

6. Looking for Investment?

18 of the Best European VCs for Biotech in 2016

The success of a biotech company not only relies on the science; funding is essential to bring the best ideas into existence. We decided to give our readers an insight into this space and gather some of the best Biotech venture capitalists behind the most successful biotechs in Europe. Check out last year’s post for more top-level European biotech VCs!

7. mRNA Therapy

Ultimate Review: How Could mRNA Overtake all other Biologicals in Medicine?

The potential of mRNA therapies to instruct the body to produce the desired drug on its own has attracted plenty of attention and investors. Don’t fall behind and get up to date on what the technology is about and who’s who in this hot biotech field.

8. Meet the top 10 Young Leaders in Europe

Top 10 European Biotech Entrepreneurs Under 30 in 2016

We selected some of the most impressive young leaders in European biotech. Reading about their many accomplishments before the age of 30, this article has certainly managed to motivate our audience independently of their age.

9. CAR-T, a revolution in Cancer

Immuno-oncology and in particular CAR-T could bring the long-awaited cure for cancer; this article is for everyone out there interested in understanding how this technology could make a breakthrough in oncology. However, recent developments including several deaths in CAR-T clinical trials, are raising doubts about the unlimited possibilities that these approaches promised initially.

10. The hottest City for Biotech in Europe?

Throughout the year, we listed some of the hottest biotech cities in Europe, gathering 10 of the most attractive locations. Among them, Paris seemed to be the most popular among our readers, which is not a surprise given the large number of successful and innovative companies located in this city.

On behalf of the whole team, we’d like to thank our readers for helping us get where we are. Get ready for more awesome stories next year!

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